Apple iPhone 13 series and ongoing display issue after ios update

iPhone 13 display issue after ios update

iPhone 13 display issue is an ongoing issue for more than a year now particularly caused by ios updates. And it’s affecting not just me in India but a thousands of Apple consumers across the globe. And Apple is doing nothing about it, they’re just sitting silently on multiple reports they’ve been receiving daily.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram is all filled with such complaints and still there has been no statement from Apple, not sure what they are waiting for. Maybe a campaign 😀 or a fresh lawsuit from a particular state?

After spending so much money on a Apple device the least a customer expects is reliability after all it’s one of the most premium phones. And if for some reason a particular series is affected the expectation would be acceptability from Apple. But in case of iPhone 13 series Apple has neither shown reliability nor the acceptability for their mistake.

Here is the series of events that happened with my device:

After installing the latest ios update, I immediately noticed lines on my display which got worse within a day leading to big vertical lines. These vertical lines rendered the display completely unusable.

I reached out to customer support and they suggested basic diagnosis which was of no help. The customer care executive further told me that it’s a known issue with iPhone 13 series caused by ios update and they’re waiting for Apple to launch a program. I was told to visit the service center for a physical inspection.

That gave me some hope but upon checking further I saw year old threads with the same issue which made me realize it’s an old issue but Apple has done nothing about it.

At service center the executive checked the device and confirmed there is no physical damage. Upon checking further he said it’s going to be a paid repair since my device is out of warranty.

Upon discussing with him further he told me that it’s a known issue again, happening because of ios updates.

If everyone at Apple knows it’s a knows issue in Apple iPhone 13 series, why is Apple not doing anything about it? Or they just want to make money until they can and then launch a program just for the sake of it.

This issue would have been acceptable if only a few devices were affected but in this scenario there are thousands of users complaining about it. This definitely points to a Quality issue from Apple side and they should pay for their mistake and not the consumer.

OnePlus phones were facing similar issue and they accepted the mistake and atleast offering a screen replacement for free. If OnePlus can listen to their customers why can’t World’s largest technology company do it.

If you’ve been affected by iPhone 13 display issue, make sure that you raise your voice. Be it a twitter post, facebook post, or a post on Apple forums just add it.

#AppleBrokeiphone13 #KindlyFix

Linking some of the active complaints over the Internet. – More than 300 user marked on the single thread that they are facing the exactly same issue.

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