http post request node.js

I have been working in Node.js for past few months, and I’ve experienced that finding the right solution for Node.js takes some time, as relatively, there is less reference out there for Node.js, compared to other programming languages.

So if you are new and working over a Node.js application, you’d probably need to get and post data. There are plenty of references out there demonstrating get request, but very few for post request. To help you out, here is an example of http post request in Node.js

You can easily install the querystring package using npm install querystring. Also don’t forget to create a package.json file for your node application as it helps to setup faster on a new server, if in case you have to move things.


After working for few days, as the number of GET and POST request increased, it became too tough to continue the script running for few hours. It exits with ‘EMCONNECT’ or ‘EMFILE’, leaving me frustrated with no solution.

After trying the node’s core http package and request library, I had to switch to Hyperquest, which does helps to a large extent.

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