MAMP or the Easyengine Vagrant

Well to be honest, I’ve never even tried using MAMP because I never felt to use it, so I can’t give you Pros or Cons of MAMP.

I’ve recently switched to Vagrant with Easyengine – A good alternative to manual WordPress setup and things are so easy for site development over a Mac that I never felt the need of MAMP. However I’ve been reading the Pros and Cons of Vagrant over MAMP, you can refer it on From MAMP to Vagrant

You can easily setup the Vagrant using their installation guide.

Once you are done settings up the Vagrant and the Easyengine, the whole WordPress site setup takes less than a minute (On a 8Mbps Connection) or few seconds (On Digital Ocean server), as the only time Easyengine takes, is to download the WordPress and rest of the setup is so breezy. It is really handy for WordPress Developers.

Easyengine uses Nginx server and not Apache, which is considered to better in terms of performance. There are lots of site management options for a production server, you can get all the details on their site :

– MAMP or the Easyengine Vagrant


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