WordPress User Tags

Like Post Tags, WordPress User Tags Plugin allows to add taxonomies under user section, each tag has a dynamic template which displays the list of all users. Template allows you to filter the title and list style.

It can be used to categorize site users to specify their personal interests in various domains. The categories allows to filter them based on the tags.


You can register Taxonomies on the fly, and manage tags for the taxonomies.


Every user can than add tags to his profile as per their interests. In profile section user gets an option to add different tags as per their choices.


Tags section allows auto suggestion as well as creating new tags.

You can also `user_tags` shortocde to allow users to add tags from front end.

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For each tag there is a page template listing all the users having same interests. There are filters available to modify listing and content for template page:

ut_template_heading : can be used to modify Template Page Heading
ut_tepmplate_content : Can be used to modify users list style,
        args => 1 , $users => list of Users
ut_template_content_empty: display custom message, if there are no users for term

WordPress Download Link: User Tags

Ref: Custom User Taxonomies in WordPress

13 thoughts on “WordPress User Tags”

  1. Hi,

    Is that possible to display existing tags same as in post page??? so user will be able to select a tag that already exist avoiding duplication.


    great useful plugin.

  2. you mean to use post/page tags for users as well?

    You can’t use the post/page tags if that’s what you meant, however existing tags for users can be used by other users as they appear in suggestion.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks for the reply.
      No I don’t mean post/page tags.
      I mean the most used tags option that is available for post. When most used tags clicked it displays the existing tags already created by other users. Is that possible to have the same feature with your plugin for user tags only?? ( not post tags). So user can select existing tags or create new ones from their profile page.

      1. Currently it’s not a part of the plugin, however I can add most used tags feature and release a update as soon as it’s done. how that sounds?

  3. great, When do you think it will be ready???

    Also it should display not only most used tags but all existing tags.

    Thanks you for that, appreciated.

  4. Hi Umesh. I’m trying to paginate the query inside user-taxonomy-template.php but it is not working because when I call …/page/2/ it show me a 404 error. What can I do? Thank you! (the same code is working in a Page I have with no filtering by tag and inside this new code I can see I have a few pages and paginated results).

  5. Hi Umesh. Great plugin you’ve made here. I was wondering if there’s a way to incorporate the functionality in the registration page, and give users a chance to tag during signup?

    PS: I was in India for 8 months for an exchange programme – absolutely love your country!

    Greetings from Denmark

  6. Hi Anders,

    I know it’s too late to reply :), in the registration page, I think there is a possibility but for that you’ll need some custom coding because user id is not available at the time of registration. So in order to achieve that, you’ve to let the user registration function run first than you’ve to hook on `user_register`, to update the tags for that user id.

    In case you get stuck you can always post back here or on the plugin support forum.

    Will love to see you back in India 🙂


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